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An experienced Pneumatic Valve Supplier in Taiwan

Kao Lu Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1980. President Ka'mou Wu named it in the hope of that the operator would have foresight to establish a corporate culture like giraffe which sees the furthest, steps forward steadily and runs very fast. Today, Kao Lu has received good reputation from our customers and consumers, besides appreciation, we would stride forward every step steadily and cautiously. We know that, only to know the needs of our customers ahead of time, to understand the applied technologies of the products more deeply than our customers, to supply the best product performance and to continuously pursue innovation and improvement can Kao Lu survive in such a fiercely competitive market. It's the recognition from our customers that pushes us to develop and grow up soundly.

We have independently developed a series of pneumatic valve, pneumatic components, pneumatic solenoid valves, cylinders, operated valves which can meet the needs of customers from general industries, such as air source treatment units, solenoid valves, check valves, air cylinders and fittings. And we import those products with high-precision or used in special industries from United States, Italy, and Germany as an import agent, such as US high-precision regulators, membrane cylinders, remote control regulators, ultrahigh pressure air-drive pumps and electropneumatic proportional valves, as well as single convolution air spring from Germany.

The core competence of Kao Lu lies in our pneumatic valves wide application and excellent quality. As for the talents, Kao Lu has a competitive advantage of 30 years. Excellent talents create excellent quality. Therefore, Kao Lu's three characteristics can be demonstrated as innovation with revolution, high-quality with stability and variety with specialty. Kao Lu pneumatic valve supplier mainly sells pneumatic components. Since its establishment, with the attitude of consuming by ourselves, all the employees have been working hard together to provide our customers with excellent products of higher quality but lower price. We believe that only competition can forge a " Kao Lu".