Pneumatic Solenoid Valves Manufacturer - Kao Lu
Product Description
Electric needle valve can be used to regulate the flow of liquid or gaseous media, by connecting to the linear motor for accurate position control to determine the size of the traffic.

Push PPSU binding material, this valve can be used not only medical industries, and even can be used in the food industry. This valve body integrated electronic control system, allowing traffic to reach almost infinitely adjustable, since the stepper motor technology, even without power, can be maintained at the adjusted position.
Product Feature
• FDA Compliance
comply with FDA regulations sealing material
• The needle is made of stainless steel AISI 316L
size DN 0.5 ~ DN 3
quick plug connector tube diameter φ4, φ6
Operating pressure PN 8
medium temperature up to 80 ℃
Integrated analog input control signal Us = 24 VDC (supply)
Uc = 0-10 VDC (control signal)
linear stepping motor control

uncontrollable tiny band
pollution chamber
low hysteresis
Simple control
Customizable properties (needles or software)
• NSF certification